Fascinating Elegant Modern Hotel Provides Best Facilities

Comfort Sofa With Hanging Crystal Lamp And Glass Window

French Alps is a nice holiday destination in Courchevel, especially if you stay at the Cheval Blanc, an elegant modern hotel. The spectacular snowy forests view looks contrast to the hotel exterior in five-story and traditional architecture. A giant glass horse statue in the front yard catch your first sight to admire its height and stunning design. It seems greet you to visit the hotel and spend several nights to enjoy its elegance.

The Facilities of Elegant Modern Hotel

The elegant modern hotel design provides several luxurious facilities to the honorable guests. Those are a massage room, two restaurants of indoor and outdoor, an indoor pool, and a lounge area. The indoor pool can be said looks fascinating in natural interior design features stone walls and beams. Both restaurants deliver fully luxurious atmosphere with five-star service and plush table arrangement.

Elegant Modern Hotel: the Suite

The suits are the most reason why you have to stay in this hotel. They are designed in modern minimalist décor with neutral tones which create a cool atmosphere balance to the outdoor. A king size bed such invites you to feel its softness and comfort faces a purple desk set with high gloss surface. Next to the bedding area, there is a living space features a loveseat, a round coffee table, and a lavish couch. It connects to a panel glass door as the access to a balcony.

Looking at the whole luxurious facilities, there is no reason why you have to reject an offer to stay there. The hotel serves all you need during your vacation, best facilities, luxurious interior, and spectacular view outside. Those all are in a package if you choose it as your accommodation, and the friendly professional staffs will not disappoint you. The fascinating elegant modern hotel design offers you the complete package for your pleasant holiday.


Elegant Modern Hotel Giant Glass Horse Statue Holiday Destination At The  Cheval Blanc

Elegant Modern Hotel Spectacular Snowy Forests View Holiday Destination At The  Cheval Blanc

Glass Transparent With Luxury Chair And  Purple Desk Set

Leather Rugs Wooden Traditional Chair Comfort Sofa

Modern Fireplace With Wooden Floor And Wooden Ceiling

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elegant-modern-hotel-spectacular-snowy-forests-view-holiday-destination-at-the -cheval-blanc
wooden-dining-table-with-fluffy white chair-and-unique-candle-lamp
elegant-modern-hotel-giant-glass-horse-statue-holiday-destination-at-the -cheval-blanc
glass-transparent-with-luxury-chair-and- purple-desk-set


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