Fascinating Contemporary Resort Home Dominated with Wood Accent

L House 2 Story Chalet Design Contemporary Holiday House Design In Japan

Do you need free time to relax? You should choose Contemporary Resort Home as recommended place to refresh your mind. This house is built on hill side where a large number of leafy trees surrounding it. Rustic wood wall on exterior design indicates traditional touch. In winter, environment around this house is full of snow that seems so bright. Balcony covered with snow is fitted with metallic railing. Wood accent on this house is ideal for village area dominated with rustic building. In addition, wooden wall gives warm sensation.

Resort home exterior that seems rustic goes with simple interior design. Wood floor in this spacious house is fitted without high gloss finish. Untreated wood wall melds with wood floor to spread warm feeling over Contemporary Resort Home interior. Open plan living space covers dining room, living room and kitchen. Glass wall lets sunlight brighten this rustic building. Upstairs is used as dining room and kitchen. Squarer wood dining table made of wood is crafted by adopting futuristic concept. Acrylic chairs surround this table.

Kitchen island consists of wood and concrete material to be durable furniture. Stainless steel faucet and sink look shiny because of sunlight reflecting this furniture. Elegant barstools are set in front of kitchen island. Black leather sofa and box coffee table furnish spacious living room. Small sideboard containing ultimate TV setup is placed in front of cool sofas. Grey fur rug under sofa set has rough texture but it is quite warm.

To reach ground floor, this house is equipped with floating staircase made of wood and metal. Shiny ceiling lights enlighten this room. Under floating staircase, there is Eames lounge chairs utilized to relax. Wall mounted desk made of wood and metallic holder allows you to enjoy breakfast. Rustic wood bench is placed on this wall mounted desk. Minimalist bathroom in rustic Contemporary Resort Home interior looks dark because of concrete wall.

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