Fascinating Contemporary Home Design Idea from Miami, Florida

Extensive Glass Walls And White Ceiling Design

For some of us, using contemporary home design is often considered as the degree of how modern we are. As you know, this design concept has been successfully putting spell on everyone’s mind for at least couple of years. Ever since the early 2000s, this design concept becomes the new definition of modern and trending itself; and we still can’t see it’s about to stop amazes people in short time ahead.

Using contemporary concept for your home design is actually a big investment because you can really put all of your imagination to the design itself, literally. The main idea of the concept is to open the possibility to any kind of modification to the design; makes it easy for you to add even your wildest thought about home design. And as a source of inspiration, maybe you can take a look on this minimalist contemporary home design located in Miami, Florida which can be a perfect example of a combination between sweet design and great location.

The project is titled as Coral Gables Residence and the result of careful planning from Touzet Studio. Located just few steps away from the beautiful beach, this house is developing the minimalist design which is combined with some of open concept. The building is designed to be cubical, typical building shape of minimalist home. But in the other side, some of openings are added to the structure; gives the resident the closeness to the nature around.

The centre space on the building for example, is designed as an open space with an outdoor seating on it. And even though it is actually a two-floor residence, the existence of this open area is quite a smart idea to create different touch to the building structure. The use of massive amount of transparent wall all over the building gives modern and minimalist impression which addresses the concept clearly. Those contemporary home design inspirations are gorgeous, right?

Front Design Outlay Of Bay House Design

Great Terrace With Green Rugs And Minimalist Arm Chairs And Wooden Coffee Table

Outstanding Bay House With Best Exterior Using Tile Wall And Massive Glass Exterior Surround With Gorgeous Environtment

Rear Design With Swimming Pool And Glass Exterior

Sculptural Roof With White Ceiling That Connect Indoor And Outdoor View

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