Fantastic Mountain Home with Best Natural Landscape

Cactus Plants Mountain Side And Mountain Home Landscape

The natural view always becomes favorite panorama, especially for mountain home, which lay on high land or mountain side. The panorama around that land is very great. That is lay mountains from one side to other side, and then there are some shrubs in around of land. There are also some groups of cacti which grown wildly surround those land. The form and kinds of cacti is various, there are big cacti with high body, and there is the small one which adheres on ground. The main structure of home itself is simple, but has large size of land. Spacious exterior and interior make a good impression from outside. The outside performance of home consists from some collections of square building which arranged into one big building. There is no such kind of other building around of that home, so it just consists from main building. People can find some unique things from that home which located in special place.

Mountain Home Design

The house living which located in mountain side usually has large design. Because the land is still spacious, and people tend to make large home in that area. Mountain home landscape also becomes important reason for people in choosing this kind of home. The location which provides fresh condition of air, and nature make people feel enjoyable with their time. The unique one is front of home which deliberately put by some arrangements of square hard cements, and then formed like ladder which become entryway to home. After the entryway, there is a terrace that consists from cacti plants and other green plant in pot.

After enter to the home, there is a unique main door which has rectangle space, so it longer rather than usual door. In living room consist from a set of sofas, table, and chairs. Then, it also added by fireplace which exist on the bottom of wall art painting. The other side becomes kitchen and dining room. The model of kitchen is simple and wooden kitchen sets. The dining rooms which exist on front of it consist from dining sets. Then, with glass windows, it accommodates people to enjoy their free time with sitting and seeing outside condition around of home from inside of home. Then, for bedroom is unique, where there are some ancient things which represent something traditional like mask, or statues. Bedroom only consist from bed, chairs, unique table, and big pillows. The bathroom also designed ethnically. There is an entertaining room too, where contain of room are sofas, chairs, table, music equipments, including traditional music instrument. The form of ladder also unique, where there are some small holes which deliberately designed for body of that ladder.

Mountain Home View

The view from this kind of house living is already mentioned before. People only need to design the main building as well and friendship toward natural condition around of land or home. People can see the view itself from outside, because there is a terrace with small fireplace outside of home. Mountain home building should be prepared as well, because it remembers toward land condition which not in flat area.

Flat Roof With Natural View And Mountain Home Landscape

Green Area Natural View And Mountain Home  Landscape

Modern Fireplace With Entertaining Room And Music Equipments

Modern Fireplace With White Sofa And Red Chairs

Rectangle Mirror With Marble Countertop Bathroom And Steel Faucet

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