Fantastic Interior Design in the Center of the City

Amazing Living Room Design With White Sofa Wooden Sliding Door As Wall Replacement And Wooden Deck Terrace

Utilize the free space in the center of a crowded city is needed to do. As a good example, the Ramon Esteve Estudio is making a unique home-studio on El Carmen. Since it is located in the Ciutat Vella district, it is surrounded by the historic quarter of the city. This home-studio is in a triangle shape. It is made with the contemporary interior design and old fashioned design for the exterior. Big block rocks are arranged as the outside wall of this house.

In the inside, you can see that the wall and almost all of the furniture are made in white. The white ceiling completes the white wall perfectly. For the flooring, glossy black tile becomes the choice to make the white interior visible. This interior design idea is very brilliant. On the upper level, you can see the white furniture look very attractive with the black flooring. Some long white sofas are arranged tidily in this room. White cushions on it make the sofa more fluffy and comfortable. White table which placed I the middle of the sofas make it more appealing.

Since it is a studio, there is a white working desk completed with the white chair. A modern lighting desk lamp is installed on the working desk. It will make the working time more comfortable. White kitchen is also available in this building. It is complete with the white kitchen island with the white stools beside it.

This comfortable space is placed on the attic. On another side, there is a long table is surrounded with white chairs around it. Wooden sliding doors are available as the wall replacement here. You can open it as you want when you feel like it. Spending some time with others will be more fun in this space. Using this white design as your interior design inspiration is a correct thing.

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