Fantastic Industrial Home Design by TC interiors

Artistic Steps Wooden Floor Open Bedroom Design

I was surprised to see the TC interiors’ work of industrial home design with impressive unfinished looks. If you love an artistic, unusual or unique home designs, this home design will talk much with you. I have some pictures of this amazing home design that you can find some ideas and inspirations from. They tell you about the impressive design and the interior designs.

Industrial Home Design: Design

As you can see at the pictures, this amazing house was developed base on the industrial home design ideas. It employs some creative elements, designs and decorations. This house is featured with some modern furniture which is excellently combined with vintage designs. The main material of this home is wood for the flooring, ceiling and some paneling, which is also combined with brick as you can see at the dining room picture.

Industrial Home Design: Interior Design

Perfecting the home design, this house is equipped with some impressive furniture. At the kitchen, you can see a stunning kitchen set with glossy black countertop. Then, as mentioned above, the dining room is excellent with brick wall. The bedroom feels warm with black mattress and wooden ceiling and flooring. I love also the bathroom with shower, modern shelving ideas, and wood deck. The reading space looks surprising with rounded bookcase with nice extended sofa. The living room is also cozy with smooth sofa. All of the rooms are decorated creatively with vessels, lights, artworks, and some items.

This creative home design by TC interior indeed has impressive design and interiors. This can be one inspirational example of modern industrial home designs. If you prefer to have the vintage industrial home than the modern one, you can also find more ideas and reviews about vintage home design. If you love the modern one, you can directly start your modern industrial house plans with this impressive house design as the reference.

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