Eye Catching Colorful Decoration for Pale Painting House

Two Stylish Steel Framed Yellow Chairs Displayed In The Living Room Along With White Sofa And White Marble Table

In a pale tone of house room decoration we need to apply the colorful decoration hence the room will not too monotone. Alexandra Federova tries to adapt this idea into an apartment which is situated in Moscow, Russia, exactly in Alexander Nevsky Street. This architect only displays the bright yellow furniture and decoration in each apartment room to deliver an eye catching impression to the minimalist apartment design. The result is this apartment looks more dandy and stylish.

For the first observation, let’s have a look at the living room. Two stylish yellow chairs are displayed in the living room. This colorful house decoration becomes the focal point of this room decoration. The metal tied in rings wall decor delivers the artistic nuance to the room as well as the glass chandelier which is hanged on the ceiling. To give another accent, the designer also places the black big concrete vase at the corner of this space and a cushion in the same tone above the sofa. The floral decoration then beautifies more the room view.

Uniquely, this house only utilizes the wooden wall to separate the living hall with the dining room. This wall is also to be functioned as the spot for placing the wide flat TV screen. In another room, we can find the black and white photograph that captured different countries landscape that is hanged above the teak wood artistic table painted in silver.

The owner of this apartment really loves furry look hence she or he always put in a white furry pillow cover and also rug in every bedroom. He or she loves as well flower so we can find a floral decoration in most of the home room. Meanwhile, the colorful house decorating ideas more appear in the kid’s bedroom which seizes yellow bed quilt and display nook as well as light green photo frame which blends beautifully.

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