Exquisite Bay House with Sophisticated Interior

De Wet 34 Bay House Luxury House In Cape Town

The bay house is always the enchanting house to talk about. The design that is different from the common house, the location that is closed to the nature and the style of the interior and exterior arrangement are always be the interesting subject in the interior design task. When classic house in the beach looks beautiful, the contemporary beach house can also look elegant.

De Wet 34 is the housed located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town. This house truly represents the splendid beach house. The interior arrangement of this house is just as exquisite as the others luxurious bay house interior design, especially if it is designed by SAOTA and OKHA interior. The simple and sleek look of the house already gives the contemporary design of the modern house. The stones wall gives natural accent to this contemporary house design. The brown and white couch looks comforting and cozy as the outdoor furniture.

This house has a glass wall since the view to the ocean is the main essential factor of the existence of this house. The swimming pool that looks like united with the coast line makes this house more exotic. The grey tile flooring fits well with the grey couch placed beside the swimming pool. The living room is elegantly designed with the contemporary arrangement. Furnished with the simple designed furniture, this room looks bright and spacious. The fresh flowers and the sculpture are the perfect ornaments combined with the lotus pond behind the couch.

The ceiling is made of the wooden materials. The natural brown color gives the warmth sense of the contemporary interior. The bedroom is spacious with the white and light brown theme. The wooden flooring makes the nuance of the bedroom cozier. Contemporary bay house can also be the sanctuary place for us to get away from our day business since its silence and peaceful design.

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