Exceptional Modern House in the Middle of Dense Neighborhood

Compact Living Space Design Modern Small House Design

Located in Sakai, Osaka, Japan, this modern house is surrounded by dense housing on the side. To adequate with unusual house space, you will need amazing arrangement to fit in. you can see this house blue print looks like a flag with one side longer than the other wider side. Between the wider parts is divided in to two areas which separated the living room with other room with green belt. The longer part of the house is used for parking garage.

The green belt is divided by glass doors. You can see this modern house design uniquely made by incorporates modern design with the peacefulness of traditional Japanese design with woods and bamboo. The house structures is quite complicated but with the use of many floors to ceiling windows, sliding glass windows and even up to the high ceiling windows allowing you to see the house is mingle very well.

You can see in these photos that the house tries to gives natural atmosphere by using many natural plants. It does not stop there, since you can see it also use sands for the plants soil. The sandy textures also apply to the house pillars textures while the sandy colors are seen from the wooden flooring and wooden frame along the house. The plants do not place outside the room buy it also applies in the green belt area which actually inside the house with glass walls.

The blue wall color looks stunning among the white and sandy colors. Spaces in the house are used wisely. The living room looks spacious with the use of high ceiling, glass windows, and slim tall pillar. You can see touch of Japanese design with wooden side table, Japanese stools, and the modern traditional kitchen design. You can see more modern house design ideas from the photo gallery below.

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