Excellent Urban Villa Model for Alternative Villa Design

Villa V Ground Floor Plan

The model of villa can be designed with any kinds of concept, including urban villa model. The model of that villa usually located in the middle of country or quite environment. The construction of villa look like big cube on the top part, then the bottom also follows with square model. Then, most of villa’s part consists from glass window, where there is no such kind of hard wall which separate inside and outside part, especially for ground floor. The wood component also becomes part which constructs top building, so it becomes wall surface cover. The wood material itself also influences some furniture inside of home. Some cabinets, cupboard, also beds consist from that component. For construction inside is unique, where there is glass which separate each room. Then, it also added by small outdoor space in the middle of home, whether those space covered by clear glass tile on top.

Urban Villa Model Design

Although it is called as urban villa, but the location is not in the middle of urban city. It just adopts a building construction from urban home. However, the place in the middle of country side area, this villa still becomes one of favorite place for people to spend their time. Actually, the design from the simple urban villa model can be consist from some spaces which can be a place to display something like painting art, pictures, or other goods. Inside of family room, there is a big shelf which accommodates some books.

The different thing is on second floor, where each of room separated by glass which become doors. Then, for ladder design is simple, where the location almost adheres on wall, and beside of ladder itself consist from any kinds of art painting which adhere on wall too. For the floor, most of room use marble component as main part. Next, for bedroom design, there is no such kind of complicated design, because it just consists from simple single bed, with simple shelves near that bed.

Modern Urban Villa Model

The modern thing from this kind of villa is furniture. Some of furniture use modern component like stainless steel. Then, actually people can be designed with simple furniture, where almost all of furniture use wood material, and didn’t make any empty space, because it will look like empty house. So, it is mean that this contemporary urban villa model should be matched between land size, villa’s size and furniture which will be placed.

Villa V First Floor Out Lay

Poster Wall Decor Steel Stair Modern House Design

Second Floor Facade Higer Ground Eco Villa Design

Sosial Space Glass Walls Coffee Table Furry Rugs

White Color Concrete Wall Steel Bannister Second Floor House Design

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