Essence of Soho: Luxurious Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Living Space

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Penthouse lofts that are made with the combination of indoor and outdoor space are the one that is quite rare to find. Even so, two named designers of Casamanara; Piero Manara and also Debla Manara-Bergler design Essence of Soho, a penthouse loft in which the combination mentioned before can be found. This loft is a rather large one because it is built in about 7500 square feet land. This fascinating Essence of Soho is a three levels building and the third level, multi-functional empty space with a rather large area can be found. This space is also decorated with perfect lighting as well as grass flooring in some area.

Talking about lighting, it is in fact something that cannot be separated from the interior of this Essence of Soho. In the inside, there are quite a lot of lighting elements can be found. These do not only make the loft luxurious but also warming and welcoming. Some illuminating lighting is also used under stairs and furniture in the loft in this luxurious Essence of Soho.

The same warming and welcoming impressions can also be seen in the choice of interior colors in the Essence of Soho. Even if there are some dark color, including black and grey in there, it is actually more proper to be said that the most color shades used in the interior is the shades of brown. These shades are not only found in floors and walls of the loft but also in the furniture and decorations. With all great things in this loft, it is perfect to be called as a spacious luxury loft that is so perfect to be chosen by city people. It is an even better choice because of the city views that can be seen through the windows from the inside of the loft.

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