Embracing the Mercy House

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The name of the house, the Mercy House was generated from the process of the making itself. Its original form begged for a remodeling. Marta Badiola herself bought and remodeled the two-family home of 8 rooms into a 5-roomed flat, also equipped for rooms for guests. This 40 square home is now a 40 square inspiration for home or room remodeling projects.

The Story of the Mercy House

Located on the peak of a hill and at one of the most costly areas of Spain to look for a house, the home has emerged from a conventional family flat to a modern living space for many. Thanks to its simplistic apartment interior, one is able to better embrace space. With most of the rooms located on the under-roof space, roof windows are installed to allow more light and optimize the use of space. The interior is filled with white and a hint of wooden structures in corners of the room. The laminated wooden floors and ceiling also help highlight the whiteness of the room and heighten its spacious look. Making the best out of the space provided, the house is an embracement of freedom all on its own.

The Kitchen

With limitation of space in every room, managing the kitchen may seem like a challenge. The truth is, the house is home to one of the most effective and efficient kitchens from all around. A picture-frame window installed on one side allows plenty of light in, the drawers and kitchen cabinets optimize the limitation of space by piling on the walls and last but not least, everything from the ceiling to the floor is in white. The concept of optimizing space is to be found in the kitchen. Look through every room and see how this small house has turned itself into a majestic beauty.

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