Elegant White Apartment for Chic Temptation

Scandinavian Apartment Natural Wood And Monochrome Bedroom Low Profile Bed Design

White is the most pure palette in the world, however white apartment is being famous since white could be the exchange condition and even primary choice than dark colour for clean and sophisticated house’s concept. The review below will talk about the use of white colour in two different styles which are Scandinavian design and Parisian one.

Let’s take a look into some pictures that will guide you to sophisticated white decoration in particular residence. The fashionable white apartment must be eye catching, that’s why simplicity becomes the best both in large and in small room size. As people largely know that white could enhance wider tension of particular space size, Scandinavian design doing it right by creating simple interior design including furniture such as white velvet sofa in a white wall colour living room combined with white wooden glass sliding door, white vase, a stack of white book collection, white overhead kitchen storage, white room separator and even white painting in abstract attitude.

Most of white stuff is combined with dark element as they are perfect match in any home’s style while rich ambience could be gain by picking right items such as white crystal chandelier in extended size as like Parisian did. Paris as romantic city in the world always brings intimate idea as their famous product label. White in Paris style is for promoting clean look rather than to making some illusion of wider space.

Eventually, classic Parisian style always being matched with white palette, for example white classic wall texture combined with black velvet sofa supported by bay window to let the natural lighting reflecting white wall tension. Moreover, some classis stuff is picking such as silver cushion for white long couch matched with black blanket, white fur rug with white floating bed and white chandelier with built-in black closet are making fashionable white apartment idea becomes perfect.

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