Elegant Tropical Beach House for Peaceful and Quiet Living Place

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Living in a site with an amazing beach view is what the tropical beach house offers to you. The perfect location in Paia, Hawaii is the proper choice to build a tropical house with luxurious design as a retreat living place. The house is aimed to offer a maximum pleasure and composure far from noise and crowded city. With the sale price of $9,500,000, it will give you a live in paradise with pretty architectural design and blue water accompanies you every day.

Tropical Beach House: the Exterior

The amazing beach view is not enough that the architect has built a natural in ground pool and a mini Jacuzzi decorated by some greenery and natural elements in the backyard. The long terrace in second floor will guide you to enter the tropical beach house design features glass windows in almost all areas. They are installed to give a transparent access between the outdoor and indoor, so the occupants will always get the view inside.

Tropical Beach House: The Bedroom Design

This house contains three bedrooms and all of them are designed in large size and traditional concept. Master bedroom certainly becomes the most attractive area where there is a king canopy bed with white curtains and blue bed sheet, while each of the two other bedrooms consists of a queen size bed, drawers, and a desk. The bathrooms are also the cozy spots which have been furnished by pretty bathtubs, luxurious counters, toilet bowls, and mirrors.

Hawaii is one of the favorite holiday destinations for some people. Its amazing view and warm weather are the two appeal points to attract as many tourists as possible. Many rich people also choose it as an island to build private residences and villas to always give them private holiday. The elegant tropical beach house design will deliver maximum peaceful and quiet accommodation with its all elements.

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