Elegant Modern Residence Created in Two Levels

Elegant Modern Residence In 2013 With Awesome Bathroom Design And White Floor Rectangular Mirror Bathrooms With Glass Material Glass Transparent

Having elegant modern residence is a dream for most modern people. The modern residences are usually made in glass, wood, and concrete as the materials that influence the most. This modern residence that will be drawn in words is having two levels, complete with the basement and roof.

Long shaped pool is the first can be seen from the front of the house. This pool is bordered with car garage in the left and right side. Two plants are accompanying the pool in each corner. Come inside the house as part of modern residence designs, the living room is the second part of home to see. Concrete with wood and concrete as the wall, this living space is filled with one long white sofa, two white sofas, and long brown sofa centering four square side tables that set neatly. Each side table is made in different materials: two side tables are made in different wood colors, black glass, and grey leather. The wood floor is covered with square yellow carpet that can aboard the sofas and side tables. Move to kitchen side, white color is dominating the most for this side. White kitchen counters and white surface is filling the modern style of this house. Modern sink and stove complete each part of kitchen counters and surface. White dining tables are put beside the kitchen, facing the outdoors. The media room is filled with the same sofa as what is put in the living room. Still accompanied by four side tables, what makes it different is the wood that the only material chosen. Horizontal painting is hanged above the sofa, facing floor-to-ceiling window that represent green outdoor.

Still with dominating white, the bathroom is covered with tile for the floor and parts of the wall. Two mirrors are hanged facing different directions. Shower is the next thing found in the inner room.

Overall the residence, the room can be seen clearly in the evening by bright white lights shining each room. The lights are a must to put inside the pool for additional beauty. Each table in this modern residence is complete with a vase of flowers as one of modern design interiors.

Elegant Modern Residence In 2013 With Awesome Bathroom Design And White Floor White Wall Wooden Door Rectangular Mirror Bathrooms With Glass Material Glass Transparent Steel Shower

Elegant Modern Residence In 2013 With Beautiful White Kitchen Design And Glass Dining Table White Dining Chairs Vase Of Flowers On Dining Table

Elegant Modern Residence In 2013 With Flat Roof And Green Grass Large Glass Window Wooden Wall

Elegant Modern Residence In 2013 With Large Window And Flat Roof Glass Fence Green Trees

Elegant Modern Residence In 2013 With Modern Kitchen Cabinet And Modern Sinks Modern Stove

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