Elegant Modern Concept Building: Wrights Roads, a Warm Escape of Cold Forest

Modern Concept Building 2013 Warm House Facade In Cold Forest With Snow Trees

This modern house, located in Aspen, Colorado, is built on approximately 10.000 square-foot area of mountainside: Modern concept building approach, can be seen portrayed elegantly in this Wrights Roads. Geometric expression, textures play, and luxurious interior create the space to live.

The site project is located on mountainside, surrounded by forest. This trait is carefully integrated and applied into design to bring the building orientation maximally: creating a big opening on each side of the building to get direct view. Different materials are mixed together, exposed cleverly, and constructed properly, resulted into a wonderful configuration of frame structure, steel construction, and exposed texture. Artificial lighting added into the mix, with modern furniture displayed beautifully and functionally. The living room is exposed to direct sun light by a large windows of steel frame, and the wall coated in limestone exposed elegantly, texture of the wood clearly visible on the ceiling above and parquets below, with artificial lighting of down light armament adding dramatic effect, and modern furniture put and placed into right place, this whole atmosphere is a great relaxing place. A picture of modern architecture building brought and visualized in reality.

While the weather on mountainside can be cold (yes, literally cold), the house provide the warm for the user to feel comfortable and relax. The views of natural feature and modern architecture design are combined to a masterwork that offers such luxury, and doubtfully none can reject.

Architecture can create this beauty, providing the user with more than a mere function and space. It’s like a play of the space, artificially made to match what the nature offers. It’s a wonder created by human culture, and keep evolving and developing as the human does. Modern architecture design certainly is a branch of architecture field, the combination of functionality, beauty, and structure.

Modern Living Room Design 2013 Leather Wooden Lazy Chair On Dark Carpet WIth Fireplace

Elegant Modern Concept Building 2013 Glass Door Panel With Metal Frame Natural Stone Wall

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Fantastic White Marble Dining Table With White Fiber Chairs And Red Leather Couch

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