Dream Wood House for Your Family

Beautiful Rustic Wooden Theme Bedroom With Wood Palette Furniture

Living in a wood house, with green trees, beautiful flowers and fresh air around sounds like living in a fairytale. It is amazing but many people can only imagine it in their dreams because it seems so hard to create such kind of home. But, do you know that you actually can also have that dream house? Choose wood house idea for the concept of your home, you can own that beautiful wood house then.

The most important thing to do if you are planning to adapt wood house idea for your home is choosing good quality of wood that you will use for your wall and furniture. After getting the wood you want, you can install it for your exterior. Painting it dark brown or black is good to give strong impression to your home. For the window, mirror window is nice choice. For interior wall, you don’t have to make it from wood. Use thick wood and paint it cream to give light to your home. But, furniture should be made from wood too to make your home looks appropriate. There is a wide choice of wood furniture out there such as bed, cupboard, chairs, and the others home accessories.

Building a home with wood house idea means building a home with wood as the main material. Not only wall and furniture, but also flooring should be made from wood. Wood flooring recently becomes trend among people. So, when you decide to install wood flooring, it will be very easy to choose what kind of floor you want because now it is widely available in many shops. For the type of wood flooring, you can differentiate one room to another to give fresh nuance. For example, speckled wood flooring combined with speckled wood door and other furniture for your bed room and plain wood flooring for living room will look so great.

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