Dramatic Brick Wall House with Black and White

Squared Shape House Exterior With Raw Brick Color Combined With Black Backdrop Color Of Exterior Walls With Flipping Door

Using brick as the main element that creates a brick wall house is well presented by a modern house which is located in Borgloon, Limburg, Belgium. This is a contemporary house that was designed by Egide Meertens Architecten. That architectural studio has created a great example of magnificent house with deliberate brick exterior design. The house is a result from Veeckman-Gellis project.

This brick house is surrounded by an open landscape. The house stands out tall with its deliberate color among the green grass. The squared shape of the house exterior has a raw brick color that is combined with black backdrop color of exterior walls in a little part of the house exterior. There is a flipping door that placed in the side of this one of great brick wall house plans.

The interior design of the house bathed in bright color as what is applied on the dining area. This dining area has a clean and neat design with white walls that surround the interior design. The dining furniture set comes in shiny black color which gives a contrasted color with the walls. There are some decorations placed on top of the dining table. These black colors give an accent to the white room that creates a minimalist design look. That characteristic also can be seen in the same room that has a white comfortable rocking chair that adorns the interior design with fancy touch in this dramatic interior design.

The minimalist design incorporated inside the house interior really gives a different atmosphere and personality compared with the house exterior. The exterior shows a robust wall design which rich in texture and has a solid personality. However the interior design applied in this house has a more sleek design and neat decoration in a more balanced proportion. The brick wall home design applied a dramatic scheme of interior and exterior design.

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