Deluxe Penthouse Design Ideas: Luxury Found in Every Details

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Daniel Studio has fantastic penthouse design ideas namely Blue Penthouse. Blue Penthouse is kind of stylish and modern house design. The term Blue comes from the dominant use of blue color palette. This contemporary house is situated in Shanghai, China.

The architect of Blue Penthouse has great penthouse interior design ideas that would make the people admiring the interior design of the house. The interior design of the Penthouse from Daniel studio is very stylish, amaze, and elegant in design. Well, Blue Penthouse has many interesting parts to see in its interior design. The first thing is the stair. The stair looks pretentious since it is designed in spiral form and it has function to take to the main bedroom. The second one is the ceiling. Blue house has high ceiling hanging above the living rooms. Unique yet elegant pendant lamps are accentuated the high ceiling looks like they are floating above the tenants.

There is still much modern furniture beautifying the stylish Penthouse. Here, you can see artistic wooden wine bar mounted on the wall and it is closed by the large glass. It looks like putting your wine bar on the museum. So you can only see it without touching it. Let us move to the next room. It is the elegant and stylish bathroom. The bathroom looks elegant since it enclosed by large glass. The transparent bathroom then featured by elegant furniture inside. In the bathroom is the large white bathtub in the middle of the bathroom. You can also find gorgeous shower cabin inside the bathroom, elegant table sinks, marble wall which is also perfectly decorated the house and decorative coat hook that mounted on the wall. All is perfectly matched.

They just a little part of the house that can be best described. There are still many short of Blue penthouse that can be appealing to see. They are designed by taking considerations to the details. Don’t you think that all the details of the house confirm that Blue Penthouse is modern penthouse that can amaze anyone?

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