Cozy Apartment Design for the Young People

Attic Bedroom Design With White High Ceiling Black Wood Bed Platform And White Bedding Also Dark Wood Floor

When you decide to living in an apartment, it means that you have to deal with smaller area than the house. A special treatment will be needed to arrange the apartment to be more comfortable. With the suitable apartment design, your apartment will look more cozy and appealing. As your inspiration, there are many fantastic designs which you can choose. The San Francisco Apartment project becomes the interesting example for you. With this project, the Butler Armsden Architects is trying to give a perfect example about the suitable design for an apartment in the center of the city.

For the inside, hardwood floor is very suitable for the apartment. A long red fluffy sofa is located in the living room. Red cushions are placed on it. This sofa is facing the flat screen TV which placed above the wooden long drawer. Near the sofa, you can see a wooden table. Around this table, there are two seat blue chairs which completed the table. Other white rounded chairs also completed this apartment design interior.

Since there is not much space in this apartment, the kitchen is also located in a large room together with the TV and sofa. A wide glazed window is placed on the kitchen. You will be able to get a nice view from the outside here. Brown kitchen shelves are placed on the white wall. A comfortable wooden kitchen island also placed in the kitchen. Beside the island, you can see three comfortable stools two in orange and one in red.

For the bedroom, a black double bed is waiting for you. White quilt and white cushions make the bed looks comfortable. Wide glazed windows completed this room. Two rounded wall lamps are placed on the sides of the bed. You can also step outside to the balcony from the glazed windows. A beautiful view of the city from the balcony will make you amazed. It sure is one of the best apartment design ideas which you can use.

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