Cool Ultra-Modern Loft Design Features a Giant Monochrome Cube

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Living in a small loft does not make this occupant runs out of genius idea in designing his room into an ultra-modern loft design. His imagination is executed by an architecture firm with monochrome finish using aluminum-clad material structure. The loft sets in Liege, Belgium surrounded by several buildings and homes view. The loft spot gives the occupants a large terrace to build outdoor seating along with some vegetation. White tone is the mayor interior design which creates bright appearance.

Ultra-Modern Loft Design: a Giant Monochrome Cube

The ultra-modern loft design idea is like the common loft features a single large area for all activities. A giant monochrome cube sets in the middle as the bathroom and the divider of the bedroom and living space as well. The cube is multi-function that it is also used to install a secret flat-screen TV hidden by two doors faces the grey sofa bed in the living room. The loft ceiling does not give him a high space, but the architect has designed a functional living place.

Ultra-Modern Loft Design: the Interior

Next to living space, there are a minimalist kitchen and a dining space. The kitchen is fully furnished by white furniture and modern kitchen appliances of a refrigerator, ovens, a dishwasher, and a stove. The dining space offers a little bright nuance with its dining set of a white square table and six red chairs. More bright tones are delivered by the bathroom and powder room in orange and green tones. Their interior looks glowing by some LED lighting installed behind the mirror.

The loft looks spacious with less ornaments and furniture applied in the interiors. There is only mayor furniture needed for his daily lives in minimalist design which makes it looks larger. Neutral tones give bright and clean appearance as the requisite of ultra-modern architecture design along with high-gloss surface from the furniture and interior. The cool ultra-modern loft design idea is ready to deliver the occupant a comfortable living place.

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Grey Sofa Bed Glossy Flooring Alumunium Clad Material Structure

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