Cool Modern House with Considering Wheelchair and Children Movement

Beautiful Modern Living Room Ideas Flast TV With Wooden Shelf And Black Leather Chaiar

At a glimpse, this modern house is just like another modern architecture. It is looking stand out since the neighbor is having different kind of architectural design. You can see the modernity from the use of flat roof and lots of window opener which try to create fewer boundaries between the outside and the inside of this house.

This modern house design has friendly environment for wheelchair accessibility. You can see it straight from the porch on the house. The porch has steps and ramp which allows the wheelchair to easily get into the house. To access this two level house, you also going to find elevator and stairs. Since the wheelchair will need extra space to move, that is why the room space is made wider than the usual and the floor has less obstacle with using concrete flooring with heater rather than tile flooring.

The dining room is design modern and simple with modern wooden dining table along with grey upholstered dining chairs. Light bulb pendant is placed above the dining table from the high ceiling provides spreading lights to the whole area. You can enjoy the outside scenery from the huge window and sliding glass door to the backyard. The wide appearance of this house is perfectly design as growth house which intended to create more living space.

On the side of the dining area you will find sleek modern kitchen. The kitchen cabinet has long handle which looks perfectly modern and very accessible even for children. The white modern kitchen island is giving space for having conversation with placing bar stools on it. And place lights below the table top which creates elegant atmosphere. Next to the kitchen is the living room with open shelves which provides for books. You will enjoy more of this modern house design ideas from photos in below gallery.

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Modern House Facade Made Of Glass Wall And Wooden Material And Green Lawn

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