Cool Inspirations for Holiday Cabin

Rustic Closet Bed Side With Carpet And White Blanket Also Brown Pillows

It must be exciting to have a holiday cabin where you can spend nights with your family during holiday. This kind of cabin is usually located in such isolated and remote area, so that you can use that holiday time to relax and shut yourself off from the busy days in downtown. Imagine you can spend your private time with your family, far from the traffic jams and any other annoying things like that. That sounds like a great idea for vacation, right?

Talking about cabin for holiday, most of people usually use wooden material to build their cabin. One of the reasons to pick this material for the building structure is to match it up with the natural environment surrounding. Just like this magnificent design from Chalet Dent Banche in Switzerland that may inspire you to get your own chalet styled holiday cabin.

Located in beautiful village named Valais, this five-floor house is a real example for what is called luxurious chalet cabin. Built as a ski chalet, this cabin is equipped with 6 bedrooms which can accommodate 14 persons in whole. The exterior of this cabin is pretty much inspired by traditional Switzerland’s cabin with its famous slate roof. The natural brown color from the wooden material that used makes the exterior of this cabin looks warm and glowing.

But once you step inside the cabin, you will see that this cabin is very modern. The interior is designed with minimalist concept which makes the space feels airy and open. The logs structure is left exposed to give natural impression to the interior design. The furniture is designed to be simple with stark lines on it. The beige and white color on the furniture also add up the luxurious image of this cabin. What an amazing holiday cabin design idea, right?

Rustic Long Wooden Table For Big Family To Dine In With Old Patterned Chairs Also Red Buffet Plus Wam Chandelier

Stunning Indoor Poo With Recessed Ceiling Decor Plus Orange Neon Lighting Completed With Shower Area

Warm Living Room With Wooden Fireplace And Wooden Interior Also Modern Furniture

Warm Swimming Pool With Blue Color And Orange Neon Lighting And Side Pool Stone Decor

Warm White Furry Bedding With Silver Pillow And Skirt Throws

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