Contemporary Retreat Home by GLUCK+

Unique Exterior Lakeside House Design

When you are looking for retreat home near the lake, you better check one of best projects from GLUCK+. This retreat home becomes one of best contemporary home in New York, USA. This retreat home becomes the best place for all people who really want to be free from some businesses and some problems in their life. This house is made based on the Adirondack Great Camps, one of best family retreat in the world. All visitors will be able to be free from some problems and feel relax in this house.

Recreational Building

This retreat house can be called as recreational building too. This recreational building is made with gatehouse garage and also two guesthouses, family house, boathouse and some other things. This building is made with burying concept. This building can be seen from the road. This concept makes this house can reduce energy and makes this house feels warm and cool. This house is made especially for friends and family gathering.

Facilities of Recreational House

As recreational house, this house offers you some facilities. You will be able to find entertaining rooms too. The interior of this house is made in very casual design. All of rooms can get natural light in easy way. When you go to family house, you will get private building. You can get your best indoor bedroom in this place. There are some other things that you can find in this retreat house. You can check the image and you will see the real design of this place. You can also check the interior of each room.

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