Comfortable House Design for Your Private Life

Beautiful Garden Design With Green Lawn And Contemporary Family Home Design

For many families, having space for their private life is needed. A family house became the best area for them to fulfill this need. Choosing the best house design based on the family need will bring you more happiness. As knowing this family need, the Bumper Investments is trying to present the cozy Private House for the family home. Combinations of modern glass, concrete and steel construction makes this house awesome. This two level design looks so comfortable. With the trees around the house, you will be able to look at a wonderful panorama from your house.

The bedrooms are located in the lower level. Wood material is used for almost the entire wall. The floor-to-ceiling glazed windows are place facing the tress view in the bedroom. It will make you easier to see the refreshing panorama view from your bedroom. The white bed with some orange space is fit perfectly with the grey wall behind it. To make it quite cheerful, some pictures can be hanged on the wall. For the children, three beds are place in straight line in one room facing the floor-ceiling glazed windows. Looking on this house design minimalist will makes you amazed.

This L-shaped house is completed with a long blue swimming pool on the upper level. On the sides off this pool, there are some white beach chairs. Orange cushion is placed on each beach chair. Still on the upper level, there is a comfortable balcony and a living room. For the ceiling, wooden material is used. The brown wooden ceiling makes this upper living room more natural. In this living room, there are many comfortable sofas with many colors.

Orange fluffy sofas, brown sofas and also dark grey sofas near the wall. Brown and orange cushions are placed on the dark grey sofas. A wide abstract painting with various colors makes the plain brown wall becomes more appealing. After you seeing this house, you must be agree that it will be a new house design trend which will attract may people.

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