Clement Natural Residence for Greeting Environment

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I believe most of people like natural sensation for place to live in such as natural residence build by Marmot Radziner which located in Mendocino County, California, USA.

Natural Residence Façade

Here are some reviews about natural sensation at this residence. From the façade of minimalist natural residence, people will accurately know that this building purposed to blend with environmental atmosphere. Mini forest comes with grass area as front yard dominating the house façade. Big trees are plant along the front door and even backyard. They must be very pretty at spring season with blooming flower in joyful color. The building itself is design in compact construction, look like a bunker anyway but this compact style help it gains open space style.

Rectangular swimming pool is installed dealing with terrace area. Besides the pool, there is hot red couch and short wooden table for enjoying the day after swimming with some cocktails or wine at noon. Black ceiling is bring elegant ambience from terrace to indoor room while as it said that rooms are designed as open space area without room separator excepted sliding glass door which can be push out at the day. L-shaped sofa with orange cushion and industrial dark table are put in living area. Besides this area, kitchen space is blended with bar concept with white bar stool, marble kitchen island, and white backsplash.

Rooms at Natural Residence

However, the kitchen is decorated with lines design by hanging overhead kitchen storage to display kitchen appliances such as pan. Bright color comes from another room which posted assorted color couch, orange and brown sofa, and dark fur rug while the master bedroom comes with black headboard matched with red bed, white curtain, and a set of dark couch dealing with open deck with a couple of rattan seats as this minimalist natural residence project might be best applied at remote area.

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