Clear Bright Exterior Design for a Luminous Looks from German

Green Plants In Amazing Modern House Design Ideas With Exterior Surfaces Patterned Wall In Vertical Lines And Outdoor Lighting Also Block Paved Driveways With Modern Garage Door In Grey Color And Glass Wall Plus Glass Door

A Germany designer named Architekten Wannenmacher+Moeller was done a great house with a beautiful bright exterior colors. The residence is located in Weinheim, Germany. It has not only light exterior, but also a luminous interior design. It stands among a spacious green area. Lots of glass walls been applied around the building. This system will help you to enjoy the beautiful scenery given by the circumstances.

Easily, take a look at this picture from the backyard. The building has three different levels and a geometric style. The concrete walls are combined with lots of glass area perfectly. Those concrete now are painted in clean white. The facade shows also a similar look. White building and white fences are combining together to show the beautiful bright exterior paint. Tall trees are planted in front of the fences to touch the dwelling by simple green looks. Now coldness is reduced a little.

What is behind those trees? Are there nothing but fences? No. there is a transparent area of the house that could show you the interior of the dwelling. However, to keep up the privacy, a smart natural system is been used here. White is dominating the second and third level of the house. The lowest one is grey and patterned in vertical lines. Perfect!

Why don’t we peek up inside the house? This picture shows you a simple area given by the second level. It towards the outside and decorated in clean white color. Its high ceiling and white palette make this house feels so bright, wider, cleaner, and comfortable. The spacious glass provides you great view, with proper furnishing. Take a look at the seats made by white stones. They are located next to a kitchen with a simple white table. Enjoy the bright exterior paint colors and the interior design in pictures!

Spacious Green Area In Gorgeous Modern House Design Ideas With Outdoor Staircase And Glass Window Also Glass Wall Around Making Natural Light With Glass Fence And Garden In Backyard Plus Environment View

Green Environment In Awesome Modern House Design Ideas With Tall Trees Are Planted In Front Of The Fences To Touch The Dwelling By Simple Green Looks And Green Plants Also Block Paved Driveways With Modern Garage Door

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