Clean Residential House Styles with Elegant White

Grey Kitchen Countertops Design With Windows

White color is one of color that will be able to create an elegant, bright, clean and modern impression such applied in residential house styles that uses white color domination in its design. This ides is created by Anne Sophie Goneau in a project of Espace ST-Dominique. A bright design of a house interior becomes a special characteristic had Espace ST-Dominique.

A house interior design is made special by applying modern furniture in a house interior design. In a project of Espace ST-Dominique, living room design is designed elegantly by applying modern sofa that has elegant purple color design. It is as one of residential home architectural styles related to kinds of furniture used. Long sofa with letter L style is appropriated with design and shape of a room. So it can create a good design of a house interior design that has a small space.

Fire place design is also made elegantly by placing it on a modern and elegant design of a wall in a living room. To make a good style and design, box of fire place is designed by using black color so it can create a good color combination. Design of desk placed in a living room also looks simple by applying aluminum material with elegant and soft white color design. Modern floor lamp placed beside sofa design uses glossy white color design for its cup so it will make it to look suitable with color design applied surrounding.

Exotic design of floor lamp that has a natural feature and bright color design will be able to help to create perfect design of a bright interior. It is suitable to be applied in a kitchen design of a house that uses stainless motif for all of kitchen furniture used. For instance, stainless material that is used to design kitchen cabinet will create an elegant kitchen design bringing modern residential architectural styles for all of sides of room.

Beautiful Chandelier Above Dining Space

Bright Interior With White Domination

Glass Shelved As Showcase

Grey And White Kitchen Interior

Modern Apartment Makeover With White Interior Design

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