Chilly Ice House in Modern Way

Glass Walls Exterior And Green Environtment Surrounding Green House Designing

Ice house is not always about white and blue. Ice house can be filled with other colors. Having ice house for theme is mostly purposed to cool the house. This design is one of the examples.

The house is filled with fully white and brown color for the big frame of window. Brown color is the representation of what is inside beside white color. Plant many trees in the side of the house will give real chill feeling to the house. Fill the living room with white for the effective color in ice house plans. The rest of the colors can come in modern hanging lamps that facing the centre of the room, one sofa, television, and painting. Beside the living room is placed with kitchen cabinets and kitchen surfaces. Both of them are made from light brown wood. Silver shiny color can cover the surface, fridge, stove, and oven. Window is needed beside the stove to throw out the gas smell when cooking.

Cover white on the wall, floor, and bed sheet in the bedroom. The blanket can be in soft grey, and light grey as the back of bed. Wooden side table and cupboard is chosen to balance the other furniture that is set in the living space. Hang painting for aesthetic view of the bedroom. Don’t forget to screw some hooks to put the jacket or any other clothes on it. Come inside the bathroom, white is still dominates the rule. Choose white ceramic for the wall and brown ceramic for the floor. Half of the bathroom can be covered with stone. Three separated stones are good accessories to put on the wall, balancing stone wall.

White color is the first rule to dominate the house. Try to choose the colors in light or soft color. This design of house will be high demand if this ice house for sale.

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