Charming Eco-Friendly House as the Prototype Innovation

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The recent innovation has found the Eco-friendly house as the prototype of the self-sustainable house. Designed by Soleta zeroEnergy, this house can be the icon of the energy savvy house. The house represents the principals of the Soleta zeroEnergy that are: saving energy; applying renewable energy; improving efficiency in using energy, be the modular architectural concept.

This house is not only stylish, but also Eco-friendly. It what makes this house to be the Eco-friendly house prototype. It uses a combined solar system to heat the water. The stove of woods and pallets are applied in this house. The materials used to build this house are the natural material that is locally available. The wall exterior of this house is built by using spruce woods painted white. The large glass windows are dominating the look of the house. The sunlight is allowed to go directly in every room as much as possible.

The roof is low and painted in black. The wooden exterior theme dominates the look of the outdoor. The cut logs are the major things that give the natural look. With a lot of wooden materials including the flooring, this house looks traditional and natural. The bird cage ornaments hanging on the outdoor ceiling gives the elegant look of the house. The neutral colored furniture gives the beautiful contrast between these dark colors and bright other.

The interior is designed both in contemporary and traditional way. The simple black couch is placed on the wooden flooring. The wooden table gives the natural and traditional sense in the room. The stair-like wooden shelves makes the room has deeper natural accent. Floral throw pillows and colorful ornaments cheer up the room with their bright color. Eco-friendly house design inspire not only for the saving energy statement but also the innovative architecture concept.

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Eco Friendly House 2013 Design With Wooden Logs Cut Down Trees As Path And Green Grass At Night

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