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Traditional Home With Wood Floor And Glass Window Also Stone Floor

Orange House Exterior Walls with Wooden and Stony Touches

A great example of a beautiful house exterior is given by a house in Torres Vedras, Portugal. This 2013’s house is called as Varatojo House, and done as the Atelier Data’s project. Atelier is a well-known designer with Lisbon base architectural. Unique characteristic is even given by the exterior. Orange walls of the building are combined by lots of wooden boards with old looks, also unfinished concrete area. Surrounded by…

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Steel Structure Staircase With Wooden Step And Glass Guard Plus Steel Handrail

Tranquility Canadian House with Green Landscape

If you have a willingness to own a living space that is surrounded with the tranquility atmosphere you perhaps getting amazed with this stunning Canadian house. The Splyce Design has established the Geddes House on the space with 4,800 square foot in 2005. Situated in Vancouver, Canada, the house impresses us with its calming atmosphere. You may feel fresh always while being there since the lush forest landscape will spoil…

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Green Backyard Garden With Concrete Floor Terrace And Texture Concrete Ceiling And Modern Wooden Door Decor

Perfect Modern House in Brazil with Wooden Shutters and Pool

This modern house is named by Ipes House. Located in San Paulo, Brazil, this was designed by Studio MK27 and Lair Reis. They created a super masterpiece with lots of opened area, complete with well furnishing and amenities. The design blurs the boundaries given by the circumstances. No one will deny living in this perfect residence. Take a look at this first picture. This shows you the backyard area of…

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Natural Stone Wall In Beige Color Combined With Wooden Stairs Wihout Railing

Great Black Exterior Design with A Perfect Wood Combination

To combine your black exterior with simple wooden looks is a great idea to do. Black, besides white, is the most general color that naturally could blend very well with almost every tone in the world. As long as you get the combination and preposition, do not worry, you’ll get the best residence in your life. This 2 Corner House project shows you how to deal with it. Mark Elkan…

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Exotic Private Island Resot In Tahiti With Virgin Beach And Stunning Coral

Luxurious Resort Villa in An Atoll of Pacific Ocean

Renting resort villas with the friends and family would be a very amazing experience. This excitement is even greater when you know the Brando resort, an atoll near Tahiti. This exclusive island which is commonly claimed as Marlon Brando’s private island has a number of prestigious villas. The villas are designed with an excellent furnishing adjusting the wonderful environment view. Located in the middle of Pacific Ocean, this private island…

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