Capacious Seaside House Design Inspired by Chenglu Villa

Outdoor Dining Lounge With Wooden Dining Table With Black Rattan Chairs On The Side Of Swimming Pool

It is for sure that almost people in this world ever dream about having a seaside house with big pool in it. The fresh air and beautiful sea view strengthen the comfortable feeling while we stay in that house. This dream is realized by the Chenglu Villa owner. This residential complex basically consists of two houses which are situated in Lingshui, Hainan, China. Gad as its architect just has been designed it in this year. We will agree that this home is really peaceful and cozy in the same time. The large green grass lawn can be a perfect space to hold some activity, such as playing, family gathers and even sun bathing. Meanwhile, the outside infinity pool will refresh us by its wonderful sparkling appearance with blue silhouette such the sea out there. A pool lounge is also available there which is furnished with some white tanning chairs.

The house is eco friendly too since it applies the glass window that is reinforced with the naturally varnished brown frame. Meanwhile, the contemporary nuance can be catch through the white concrete wall at the side of the pool. The concrete path looks also adorable when furnishing with the beautiful floor lamp. For the entire parts of this house, the architect selects the built in lamp which is installed in the ceiling to illuminate the house in the night. The seaside house plans made by the architect has successfully makes this house looks capacious and elegant.

There is a fabulous fresh ornamental plantation in the middle of the black pond that the pinky flower is fall to the ground. It is not make the appearance of this house decoration dry instead really wonderful.

The architects want to spoil the villa owner by serving lots of open spaces, including bar, kitchen area, dining space and family hall. This seaside house design ideas is very fantastic and much recommended for you to adapt it into your ideal house.

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