Building a Spacious Home in a Large Area

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Building a large home building in a large area so that the area is all gone for the building itself is something that common people usually do. If you have a large area to build a home, you better find information such as from the internet or you can consult your home project with the interior or exterior designer so that you have many choices of home idea. If not, your home will be boring and ordinary. Here is a home idea that you can consider to be applied to your new home.

Have you ever imagined having a spacious and unique home? If you want one, you need a special home idea then. Build a home with two floors in which the first floor is planted to the ground. Make your home lie from one corner to another, for example from west to east. The uniqueness of your home will be in your second floor. Build two building in the east and west part of your home. Let the middle part of your home empty. Instead, plant grass on your first roof so it will look like the park. To make such kid of home, use concrete roofing for your first floor. Don’t forget to connect the east and west building by a path on your grassed roof. If people see your home from above, it will look like you have two separated building. In fact, you connect those two buildings via your first floor of your home.

To complete your home, make a swimming pool in front of the first floor of your home. Put chairs in front of it and choose glass wall to enable you look at your swimming pool directly. With this home idea, you will get a unique home but still spacious as you want. Your time in your home will be the most precious time ever.

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