Breath-Taking Contemporary Residence in Panoramic Area

Luxurious House In Queensland With Beautiful Interior And Bay View

Panoramic area is the best view to see when the owner is waking up in front of the shiny sunrise, moreover when the owner is waking up in contemporary residence. Panoramic area and contemporary residence is a perfect mix of location. This residence is perfect for people who are tired of traveling. But, it doesn’t close the opportunity that this residence is used for home.

Contemporary shaped house is the first thing that can be view from the outside. Coming inside the gate, long shaped pool is covering one side of the house; while the other side is covered with trees. Large windows take important role in designing contemporary residence. So, it has no doubt that large windows can be seen easily everywhere. Grey and striped sofas are parts of contemporary residence interiors that can be seen in the living space. Exotic lamps are hanging down lighting the living space. Brown ceramic floor is chosen to cover all the floors in all levels that available. Relax sofas are put in side where pool can be seen from the inside. Those grey sofas are completed with leather cushions set neatly on the long sofa.

Move to the place where food and drinks are made, kitchen are dominantly covered in white. All kitchen counters are covered in white color, including small kitchen furniture. White dining table is set behind the kitchen. White lamps stick in the roof, light the kitchen like indoor stars. Entering the last room to view, luxurious bathtub is put beside patterned wall. Grey counters and white sinks is beside the bathtub. Mirror is the important thing to be seen on the wall above the counters.

This residence is designed in luxury way. Large windows are not only added as part of contemporary residence, but also to allow beautiful view from outside. Some parts of the room is not covered in wall for letting fresh air come inside the residence. This contemporary residence will not made successfully without contemporary architecture.

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