Borderless Airy Residence in Contemporary Style

Breezy And Airy Villa Design With Open Room Concept And Green Trees Surround

The Elm & Willow House project designed by Architects EAT brings the airy residence to the new concept. Rather than creating walls as separators between indoors and outdoors, this building leaves nearly the whole sides borderless. The separation of indoors and outdoors is used from the utilization of transparent glass windows or sliding doors. Thus, the unified look between indoors and outdoors becomes necessary. This house prefers the use of neutral tone such as white, maple, and black accent as the main feature of the building to blend easily and perfectly with the natural surroundings.

If you are worrying about the privacy, you can simply use drapes or sheers to cover the transparent glass. You can choose your drapes in coffee tone, just like ones used on the living room of this modern airy residence. During the beautiful sunny day, you can leave some windows covered or let the whole windows uncovered at all. This way, you will benefit from the abundance of light, reducing your expense for electricity, and creating the airy atmosphere easily.

If you take a look closer, you will find the unique feature of this contemporary residence. If we often find the white tone for the walls and ceilings, while the floors are covered in wooden one, this residence prefers the opposite. While the floors and walls are covered in glazy white, the ceilings are decorated with shingles in maple tone, which will look more beautiful when the lights are turned on. And do not forget about the wooden deck that you can use as your lounge spot. The design of this residence will allow you to have porch that is similar with traditional Japanese one.

Arranged surrounding a tree, this residence focuses on the use of the neutral and natural shades for the harmony as part of this modern airy residence design. For example is the choice of dining set in black tone. Or, the choice of green couch on the living room that looks as refreshing as the greenery outdoors. For the indoor space that needs more privacy like the bathroom, the choice of brown tone will appear like bronze with the proper choice of lighting. The bathroom provides the eclectic vibe from the combination of contemporary details on the tub, sink, and faucet while the sink cabinetry is made of reclaimed wood.

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