Best Luxury Villa Architecture with European Model

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The model of European itself already influence toward realizing of luxury villa design. There are some models which can be adopted by people in this modern era. The home, villas, and other house living already touched by modern side. Actually, European model itself is very modern, where all of modern material applicable toward home designs. One of example European villa is luxury sense of villa. The villa has glamour unique form, and also some modern furniture inside of villa. The outlook performance also adorable, because of top floor has special square form; however it is not followed by the bottom floor. Those both floor has their own design, so form between both floors are not same and make special unique space on the bottom, then can be a small terrace too. The land for this villa is little big on highland, where very basic floor or ground floor utilize for garage.

Luxury Villa Model

The European model always put glamour sense in every side of room. The luxury villa construction consists from some rooms, from basic floor into top floor. There is no such kind of fence on front of garage, and only near of garage which has it. The fence itself also consists from bricks. Then, after the entry way there is a terrace which fulfilled by two set of sundeck chairs. For connection to living room, there is glass window which exist in the middle of it. There are one big set of sofas and some chairs also table on the other side. There is no something special like ornament or wall painting in that room. Beside of living room there is gymnastic room with completed tools.

Next for second floor, there is bedroom and also bathroom. The way which connects one floor to other floor using ladder is unique. The ladder made from white marble and it is very long. Then, beside of ladder it use glass as the limitation. The wall itself is also completed by glass cover. For the bathroom has luxury sense, where consist from unique vessel and also seat on front of mirror. There are also some boxes to put herbal ingredient for spa.

Luxury Villa Trend

The luxury sense of home or villa already becomes a trend nowadays. There are many developer and designer who offer some good design of buildings. The European model always becomes a favorite. However, people should consider many things if want build that house living especially which related with home design. The large of land, form of building, kind of furniture, main theme of room are some matters which should be considered by people to realize luxury villa concept with comfortable condition and neighborhood.

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