Beautiful White Apartment: an Implementation of Great Apartment Design

Trendy Apartment On Mountain Road Landscape Vegetation

This apartment is located on mountain road, Stockholm, Sweden, built on a simple yet elegant apartment design. The exterior is created not to stand out from its surrounding, while the interior emphasized inside covered in noble white, as personality visual expression.

Interior of the apartment is compact. A nice white color covers almost the entire wall, with the ceiling above and the tile underneath have the very same color, make it the major color dominating the interior. Some of objects follow this color feature. With this basic color of interior, almost other color is stand out and distinguished, a well play visual attraction. Books with various color, chair on metal and black, rug in brown, vase of flowers in red and green, all of these colors just accentuated by white, like a painting on white canvas. To complement this major white, the design creates minor black on interiors object. The chairs, TV, pillows and blanket, and black ceramic wall on kitchen. All of these color play is combined in harmony, creates a unique atmosphere of unique apartment interior design. All of room has this white color as basic. The bedroom has windows with beautiful view of town, kitchen in black and white, with a little of green touch provided by plant on vase. Black and white color combination be found also in bathroom, the ceramic wall follow this feature separately, while the tile is designed like a chess board, a nice brown and wood objects as shelves and mirror’s frame are popping out and distinguished beautifully.

This elegant apartment decorating performs a beautiful rhythm, play it visually with the color itself as the instrument. Thanks to compact interior design that all of the elements cover the simplicity of the exterior.

Fundamentally, the exterior can’t be separated from interior. As the exterior is a building performance shown to several purpose such as attraction, implication of site and climate, and still influence the interior, which in here has the specific target, the user itself: thus make one of the interior purposes is user’s comfort. At least, when you prefer living indoor and less outdoor activity, you should treat your interior functionally and neatly. A good apartment design never put the user’s comfort as second priority.

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