Beautiful Mountain House Designed Simply and Comfortably

Concrete Construction House Transparent Glass Installation With Steel Frame

Actually, design of mountain house has a natural, cool, fresh and comfortable impression by applying simple design of a house. A simple design of a house built in a hill or mountain area is created by Geo Metria in a project of Mount Fuji Architects Studio. In this project, simple design of a house is supported by applying wooden material domination IB all of part of a house.

Wooden materials applied actually will create a natural and exotic impression of a hose design that is very suitable to be applied in a house designed in a hill or mountain area. A good color combination created from natural condition surrounding with natural materials used to design a house creates a special design of mountain house plans designed simply and elegantly.

To support natural and modern design of a simple mountain house, some large glass material is applied to design window and wall of a house. Front terrace design of a house is designed special by applying glass material and natural wooden construction. Besides to design window and wall, the glass materials is also used to design front terrace in order to look more interested and as a good system to protect terrace from rain and heat of sun light that comes directly.

Special design created by Geo Metria in a project of Mount Fuji Architects Studio lies on front terrace design. It can be happened because in the front terrace design of a house, some designs of wooden book shelf are applied. It means that terrace design can be functioned as a comfortable place to relax while enjoying books provided there. It is as a new innovation of hillside house plans especially for its terrace design that is designed different with other terrace designs by applying wooden book shelf in front terrace.

Mountain House Design Wooden Frame Wooden Floor

Natural Mountain House Backyard View With Forest Trees

Transparent Roof And Glass Wall With Wooden Deck Terrace

Beautiful Mountain House Design By Geo Metria

Unique Wooden Bookshelf On Wooden Floor

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