Beautiful Lumber-Shaped Box House, a Manifestation of Modern Architecture

Awesome Lumber Shaped Box House In 2013 With Free Download Beautiful House Design And Natural Stone Wall Wooden Roof Flat Roof Iron Fence

The project of this Lumber-Shaped Box House is located on a premium lot, Pondok Indah, Jakarta, designed by Atelierriri. The feature of geometrical form is emitted strongly as the facade of the building created to combine two different textures on major, the wood texture and concrete. These features of strong geometric form, exposed materials, and minimalism are the feature of modern architecture style, a popular and distinguished style in western countries before the post-modernism architecture style appears.

While there are another example of this living-box-area concept, such as container house, glass house, and else, Lumber-Shaped Box House itself is unique, a modern style architecture constructed on tropical country. Despite the fact that tropical characteristic is great influence of Indonesian architecture, the Lumber-Shaped Box House created to follow modern architectural style as it main priority, and seems the tropical features come after it. Although the pure modern concept is rarely used in Indonesia, Lumber-Shaped House is still an astounding masterpiece of modern architectural style. The strong feeling of two material combinations of concrete and wood, textures that exposed elegantly, and a geometrical form and massive impression is refined by green vegetation, all of this elements manifest as great building exterior. And when it comes to interiors, the mutual feeling of two combination of wood and concrete material is still emphasized here and there, the storage and the wall have same textures. The rooms are designed to adapt the sun path, and cross air ventilation, while the zoning itself is vertically oriented, service on the ground floor area, public on second and private comes on last floor. Some of the interior object is exposed in purpose, such as the stairs, the brick arrangement on the wall of inner court, and utilizing glass materials to connect indoor and outdoor area. A magnificent design.

Geometric shape and form adaptation is popularly used nowadays as the modern style of architecture spread throughout countries. The box homes themselves are beautiful even from its peculiar box state.

But as the technology advances, the thought also the same. The context of the place is an urgent element of architecture, in this case it’s tropical features. While the house itself adapts some of them, the building is still following the modern style unaffectedly. These should be well considered, especially when the intention of building box house and other modern architectural building style on a place with complex contexts.

Awesome Lumber Shaped Box House In 2013 With Free Download Beautiful House Design And Wooden Drawers Wooden Floor Glass Window Red Pillow

Awesome Lumber Shaped Box House In 2013 With Free Download Beautiful House Design And Wooden Floor Natural Stone Wall White Ceiling

Awesome Lumber Shaped Box House In 2013 With Free Download Beautiful House Design And Wooden Floor White Wall White Ceiling Cross Air Ventilation System

Awesome Lumber Shaped Box House In 2013 With Free Download Beautiful House Design And Wooden Roof Wooden Floor Glass Window Glass Fence

Awesome Lumber Shaped Box House In 2013 With Free Download Beautiful House Design And Wooden Staircase Concrete Staircase Concrete Pole Concrete Floor Glass Window

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