Beautiful House Remodel Applying Contemporary Interior

Ventless Fireplace Design In Minimalist Family Room

CAFElab has completed the house remodel for Casa Appia. This remodel project applies the fabulous contemporary concept for its house interior. The natural feel is used for the interior accent. One side of the interior wall is structured from various elements. It employs glass windows in wooden frames and the natural stones wall accent for the fireplace area. The light wooden interior flooring makes this room looks brighter and sleeker. Neutral color is the main color employed by this interior design.

This house remodel interior has the natural elements such as wood and natural stone. The rustic texture wood is used as the interior flooring. The wooden shelves shine in the polished wooden materials. The contemporary kitchen in this house has the lively color. It applies red as the color accent in the kitchen area. The sleek furniture is applied in this kitchen design. The red kitchen counter is placed side by side with the white shelves in simple modern design.

Red is also applied as the bathroom color. The contemporary bathroom is the bathroom concept for this remodel project. The surprising look is presented well with the red tile flooring as the shower wall. Red small tile is also employed as the bathroom tile. The floral pattern in shade is the other tile flooring applied in this bathroom floor. The simple closet n white and sleek white basins are the bathroom appliances in modern design.

For the bath tub, it has the dark green tile mantel. The wall art in natural theme makes the bathroom wall livelier. The lime green tile is also used as the wall in bath tub place. The white decorative light bulbs are the modern lightings placed on this bathroom wall. House remodel design can give the house a brand new look adjusted with the design trend for the practical modern living style.

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