Beautiful Desert House in Modern Style

Long Classic Shed Open At Both Ends With Long Overhangs To Shade The Sun

Have you ever imagined having a beautiful desert house in the middle of rustic area? Nowadays you can see a beautiful desert home in modern concept. Do not think about the remote area or rustic area because if you visit this house you will feel like you are in a paradise. Let’s see the modern side of this home that located in the middle of rustic area but with modern home design.

Located in Santa Fe, Mexico, you will see a beautiful house in the middle of desert. It shows you a contemporary design with minimalist desert home concept. Located in the middle of desert without any house surroundings, but you can see how beautiful the house is from afar. From afar you will see an open air terrace concept with oval small table in the corner of the terrace. It is perfectly built with wooden material.

After you see the front entry, then you can step inside to the living room. You will see beautiful yellow lighting around the living room. You will see modern home furniture in the living room and a single blower air conditioner to keeps you feel comfort. This house has spacious dining room with wooden square table and eight wooden chairs around the table. Behind the dining table you can see the view through glass window. Beside the glass window you can see a self-portrait in large size hanging on the wall. This house is looks like having many home corridors because when you want to go to another room, then you should pass the corridor.

Now, let’s see the main bedroom with minimalist bedroom design. It has twin comfort beds with a small table between the beds. In the corner of the room you can see a writing desk in soft color with book rack above the desk. There is a unique rattan chair near the window of the room. These all show you a modern desert house concept ever that you can find in Santa Fe.

Long Living Room Design With Grey Concrete Walls Ang Black Dining Furniture

Minimalist Desert House Low Enty Gallery Before Living Room

Twin Beds In Minimalist Bedroom With Fan Modern Desert House Interior

Beautiful Environtment Surrounding Of Modern Desert House In Santa Fe

Desert House Amazing Night Facade Of Modern Desrt House Design

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twin-beds-in-minimalist-bedroom-with-fan-modern-desert-house interior


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