Beautiful Airy House in Minimalist Detail

Casa Cda De Cortes Backyard Design With Green Lawn Tall Fence Also Lavender Flowers

Designing an airy house with minimalist detail does not mean one with lack of aesthetic or decorative look. The Casa Cda de Cortés can be the perfect reference for you in designing or decorating your modern airy dwelling and keeping the aesthetics even though it is coming in minimalist detail. Yet, this building maximizes the open space concept to create a unified look between spaces indoors with the green sprawling lawn outdoor, which is decorated with small flowers and trees.

Designed by DCPP Arquitectors, this modern airy house maximizes the use of white tone excessively to help creating the airy atmosphere. Not only that, the airy vibe is also resulted from the use of extended transparent glass as the sliding door. As to contrast the light shade of the white tone used for the walls and ceilings, the floors are covered in natural wooden tone. From the living room, you will have direct access and view to the yard. The extended view of the green lawn offers the refreshing splash of green in the nearly all-white space of the living room. As to increase the coziness of the space, comfortable sofas are placed inside with cushions covered in earthy tones. On the wall, you can see decorative artwork framed in beautiful wooden frame with traditional style.

The open space concept on the ground floor causes the living room is located in an open area along with the dining room and kitchen. The dining room provides the rustic wooden dining set with beautiful white seating to connect the kitchen and the living room. As for the kitchen, rather than wide, this space extends to the other side of the building. The combination between white and wooden tone in this space provides the heartwarming look for the space that has been known as the heart of a home for centuries. Cabinetry and kitchen appliances such as fridge and oven are arranged on the wall, leaving enough space to place the beautiful kitchen island that benefits from the abundance of light from the use of transparent glass sliding door as well. The door will connect the house with the other side of the outdoor yard of this house. On the wall, you can also see the vintage decorative plates are hanging, adding the unique look for this space.

The airy bedroom encompasses the white tone extensively from the walls, ceilings, shelf, desk, and bed. The splash of colorful tones can be seen from the bookshelf, where the books in varying cover tones are stored. A bold red small coach is placed alongside the window, making this spot is perfect as reading spot inside the bedroom. The modern airy house design for the bathroom provides the accent of blue from the use of stunning matt in dolphin shape and blue flower for refreshing decoration. The shower room is placed in the same space as the bathtub and benefits the light from the installation of windows in this space.

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