Awesome Portuguese House Concept for Modern House Style

Concrete Wall Exterior Design

The one of house with large scale of land is Portuguese house which stand on large land with garden around of house. The design from outside consist from grass garden, and one big and long enough building. The form of house itself is big rectangle which lengthways from one side into other side. Then, for roof model, there is one big a half cube form which adheres on one side of house roof. In every side of roof, even on top and bottom, there is space which can be used for terrace. The condition of garden around that house itself also little bit slop on front house, but not for house. In the middle of house, there is a big enough space without any roof, so it open model which can a space between one room and other rooms. The house itself only consist from little bit plants and most of them covered by grass.

Portuguese House Architecture

The architecture for this kind of house is adorable, because of special large of house, and consists from some rooms. Portuguese house component also become one of good value from this house. In some rooms, they have different component of floor. The architecture of side roof inside of house also unique, where there are some additional cover which deliberately a half of it is apart from basic foundation of roof side itself. Then, this house consists from two floors, where terrace on second floor has wood floor. There is also big terrace which exist on behind of house, and people can see panorama outside.

For inside of house, there are consist from some usual rooms like living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and etc. The living room itself designed unity with family room because there is television too in that room. Then, for kitchen is sophisticated simple, and completed by small dining set. Then, there is also big dining room which has more chairs for family. The outlook of windows is consisting from glass component. The ladder also consists from wood component. In second floor, there is one big set cabinet which lengthways from one side to others, so it is look very long. There is also usual bedroom which covered by carpet for its floor. Then, there is also space for locker room too. There is also swimming pool which can be found inside of building.

Portuguese House View

The view of this house actually is natural environment on the highland. On the behind of house, people can design a terrace to enjoy good view which is other highland. Then, there is also good view which is gondola that exists near of house, and people can see it in the front balcony. Portuguese house design is one of simple luxury house which located on the highland.

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