Awesome Penthouse Apartment in The Middle of City

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This is one of good planning of penthouse apartment, where big city become a main view. The penthouse exists in the middle of big city and has modern side building. The apartment itself consists from two floors. First floor just for public room, then for second floor is more to for private room, because it consists from bedroom. Then, there are some spaces which become a good place to enjoy the city like terrace on side of apartment and also sundeck on top of apartment. The most component for side of apartment is glass. The glasses designed for window and doors, especially which connect toward outside environment. In bedroom, there are also some glasses windows which complete on that room. The wood component also exists in that apartment too. It become a ceiling or terrace floor. Actually, in the first floor there are some spaces which didn’t utilize as main room, for example space for gallery.

Penthouse Apartment Concept

The concept for this apartment actually same with other usual apartment. However, the difference is on second floor which exist inside of apartment. Urban penthouse apartment deliberately designed with second floor to make a more private room on top. It is still rare that apartment with two floors exist in one building. Whether those apartment is look great with two floors, but almost all of furniture or property is simple.

The real design from that apartment is large. First from entry way, there is a big terrace, then next room is living room, kitchen, dining room, and other side is foyer. There is also guest bedroom which completed by guest bathroom too. Then, for next room on behind is small terrace again. Then, the best one is on second floor, where consist from master bedroom, master bathroom, gallery, home office, and terrace. It also added by beautiful sky dining terrace, outdoor living room, and also outdoor kitchen room.

Penthouse Apartment Advantage

The benefit from that apartment is so great. First, people can get a best place as house living because it is simple, but has some rooms for all family. Then, it also added by beautiful view outside which is big city with any kinds of high building. Then, in second floor people can explore more with some space to be designed into any kinds of cozy place. Penthouse apartment design become one of alternative for people who want to live in the middle of big city and want to have simple house living.

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