Awesome Open Space Design with Beautiful Scenery Surrounding

The Lounge Space With Mountain View For Perfect Holiday

Wonderful, beautiful and natural outside view of Jade Mountain becomes the best and proper area to make a perfect style and comfortable of open space design. Natural green color of mountain views and natural blue color of sea view surrounding Jade Mountain will be able to be a perfect natural decoration that can support an open space area built in order to be more comfortable. Comfortable furniture actually holds an important role to create a comfortable open space area.

An open space area that is made in a large terrace design in a second floor of a building can be functioned and designed maximally as a comfortable place to relax together with all of family members. Some comfortable design of modern sofa that is made from bamboo material placed in the open space area in a terrace will become a positive value to create a comfortable relaxing place. It is completed with comfortable bed and pillow sofa that will make users to feel more comfortable and relax. It is as a part of open space design ideas to create a comfortable relaxing area.

Green plant decoration placed in an open space area will make the open space area to look more natural and beautiful. It can also make the open space area to be cooler and fresher so it can support a comfortable condition in the open space area made. Unique design of furniture used will make a design of open space area to look more artistic. For instance, rounded glass desk design that is decorated by using bamboo design will create an artistic design of furniture.

To create a beautiful impression of furniture used, colorful motif of furniture can be made maximally to design all of furniture applied in an open space area. It can be done by decorating colorful pillow motif that is used to complete design of modern bamboo sofas applied. Besides, colorful design of sofa bed is also becomes an additional decoration to make furniture to be more artistic as a part of open living space decorating ideas to create a comfortable relaxing area.

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