Awesome Modern House Renovation in Classic Coloring

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Creating a new look at the old house is one purpose why people do Modern House Renovation. Other reasons could be the home expanding, or replace the function of the room. New look in your home will give you a new spirit so that you and your family more comfortable living in it. If you have plans to renovate the house, we will provide inspiration through the following article.

Modern House Renovation with Pool

One idea of renovating homes with modern style is a house located in South Yarra, Australia. This Black and White Modern House Renovation was originally built in the two structures, with the front modern style and rear with the more traditional concept. This home comes with a rectangular pool with a blue base that can be accessed through the back door and the concrete stairs leading down. The home’s interior is dominated by artistic black and white color combination. White is applied to the walls of the house, while black is used on floors, doors, stairs, and furniture on it.

Modern House Renovation with Classic Coloring

A touch of black and white gives it a classic look to this modern home. Some furniture such as dining chairs, beds, and sofas in black deliberately chosen to create an impression of contrast on the white walls. Some paintings hung on the walls to eliminate the tedious impression. Modern and minimalist concept designs appear on kitchen, without top cabinet, and leaving only the bottom part of white cabinet kitchen that extends to the walls and a white bench. Wide windows with transparent glass make anyone free to looking out. Similar concepts are also present in the bedroom, with only a white king-size bed in the middle of the room.

Black and white concepts also exist in the private workspace in these Black and White Modern House Renovation Ideas, with white desk and two black chairs with metal frame.

Black Wooden Floor And Door White Wall Interior Design

Black And White Sofa Black And White House Decor

Smimming Pool Design Wooden Deck Floor Exterior Decor

Back Yard Door White Step Wooden Floor Exterior

Yarra Residence Modern House Renovation

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