Awesome Inspirations for Modern Home Design from Minnesota

Pine Wood Wall Panel And Grey Ceramic Flooring Also Modern Glass Door

As an urban people, you must be attracted with the idea about modern home design. People love the idea of simplicity on this design concept. As we all know, modern design concept is emphasizing on the simplicity of the design elements. Everything is being simplified, so that you don’t need to maintain too many things just to make your home design look gorgeous. What an attractive offer, right?

And if you are currently looking for some references, maybe you can take a look on this beautiful design of a project named Edgewater Residence which designed by Rosenow I Peterson Design. Located in Prior Lake, Minnestota, this house is a perfect example of modern home design with transparent concept. The transparent concept itself is beautifully executed with the use of transparent walls all over the house which makes this house look simple but also gorgeous. These transparent surfaces also make this house look futuristic and modern.

From the outside, you can see that this two-floor house is carefully designed with modern minimalist concept. The rectangular mirror glass walls are arranged on the exterior wall and make this house look shiny. The reflection from these mirrors creates beautiful view which decorates this house. The roof is designed to be flat to create futuristic and minimalist impression on the form factor of this house.

The transparent concept makes you able to get direct view to the outdoor area of this house. The living room for example, is totally surrounded by transparent glass walls all around; makes it feels as if you’re on an outdoor area. To keep up with the modern design concept, the furniture is also designed to be simple and sharp. The stark lines create simple impression which makes the whole interior look subtle but outspoken. So, are these unique modern home design ideas helping you?

Reclaimed Wood Table And Buffet Under The Windows

Sectional Sofa And Black Ottoman Chair Also Wooden Panel TV

Sloping Lawn And Concrete Tile Pathway With Modern Big House Behind

Wooden Panel Buffet Table Also Cool Eat In Kitchen Area With Marble Countertops

Wooden Panel Wall Enterence And Glass Door Design With Stone Tile Floor

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beautiful-family-room-with-ventless-fireplace-and-grey-sofa-also-rugs area-with-black-wood-floor-panel-plus-glass-wall-and-monorail-picture-lighting


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