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There are a lot of things into consideration when you want a House Renovation, probably because the house was no longer meet the basic needs of your family, or simply out of boredom with the old decor. However, renovating a house is not an easy thing because a lot of things that should be taken into account, such as the number and function rooms as well as furniture that will we put in it. If you’re looking for inspiration about home remodeling, you should read this article to the end.

House Renovation with Spiral Staircase

Renovations to the house which located in row house; The Netherlands may not be visible from the outside. You almost cannot tell the difference with the other neighboring houses. But when you go and explore the inside of the house, you will see that this home is no longer following the original decoration, but has experienced a change in some parts. Home renovations are done by combining modern design with traditional furniture, which gives an incredible look at the Five Story’s House Renovation. One thing that attracts attention is the form of a spiral staircase you can see from the outside of the house through a high transparent glass window.

Backyard Garden House Renovation

No doubt, the back of the house that the main attraction of this house as a whole. A garden with lush green trees provides a fresh atmosphere even if you want to enjoy dining out. Park adjacent to the modern kitchen also gives a sense of comfort while cooking. Modern kitchen equipped with stainless steel kitchen set of shiny. The dining room is combined with a kitchen with a wood rectangular dining table and matching the wooden dining chairs.

Maximizing the utilization of space and furniture design is also seen in Five Story’s House Renovation Ideas of laundry room that also serves as a repository for clothes and shoes with high wooden shelves on one wall of the room.

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