Awesome Duplex Design by Ehrlich Architects

Carpet Pattern With Large Glass Window And Soft Sofa

If you are searching for some ideas of duplex design, an awesome duplex by Ehrlich Architects, Waldfogel Residence. This residence is located in Palo Alto, California. I found this amazing duplex has some inspirational ideas for you. I also provide some pictures of this modern duplex which looks fresh outside and warm inside. The beautiful landscape surrounding the home and the warm wood materials are source of the fresh and warm atmosphere.

Duplex Design with Beautiful Landscape

As you can see at the pictures, this impressive duplex is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Although the landscape does not look green, it keeps beautiful image. There are some trees, greeneries, and concrete path. Without any gate, this home still looks amazing. The back yard looks greener than the front yard. There is fresh grass and beautiful landscape next to an outdoor pool with wooden deck. The duplex design ideas with beautiful landscape are indeed amazing.

Duplex Design Interior with Wood Material

Taking a look at the pictures of the interior design, you will find wood material dominating the home interior. The wood materials are for the flooring, cabinet, shelving unit, wall paneling, and some other furniture. Can you imagine if you were in the living room with glass wall presenting beautiful panorama outside and natural lights, what would you feel? Taking a rest and relaxation on the bedroom with smooth bed, warm ambiance and beautiful panorama will also be satisfying.

This small duplex in California was designed with creative ideas of presenting fresh ambiance outside and warm atmosphere inside. It is featured with beautiful front yard and back yard to have fresh ambiance. It is also featured with some wooden furniture and interior design to have warm atmosphere. You can find some other small duplex design ideas from the internet, magazine or some other references.

Carpet Pattern With Wooden Floor And Modern Fireplace Glass Window

Green Grass Natural Lights Duplex Design Idea At Night

Green Grass With Glass Window And Flat Roof

Marble Countertop With Glass Window And Steel Faucet

Marble Floor With Wooden Wall And Outdoor Plants

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