Awesome Duplex Apartment in Jerusalem

Grey Floor With White Rigid Soft Sofa And Wooden Dining Table Glass Fence

If you are planning for duplex apartment or searching for apartment for sale, I have a comparable apartment for you. This apartment was designed in classic sense. You can have this apartment to be your reference in planning your dream apartment or you can also have this apartment to be the comparison of apartment you want to buy. Here, I provide some pictures of this apartment.

Duplex Apartment Furniture

From the pictures, you will find some ideas of duplex apartment designs. One of the most important ideas is about the furniture idea. To create a classic sense, as you can see at the picture, the living room have rigid soft sofa with a white chair with comb-like backrest design. The living room is also featured with a huge cabinet and huge bookcase combined with impressive brick wall design. I love the idea to add a drawing above the bed to make the bedroom feels classic. Then, the terrace with some resting chairs looks really cozy.

Duplex Apartment Interior Design

Creating an impressive interior design, the furniture is excellently combined with some other items. At the living room, you can see nice combination of the sofa, chairs, carpet, with the painting and the glass wall. Glass wall also works with the dining room furniture and works at the bedroom. The room management of each room is also amazing which results an effective use of the furniture and an eye-catching looks since the rooms look neat. Then, the lighting system is also amazing to give lights and decorations.

Beside this classic apartment was designed in its perfect design, it is also featured with some impressive classic furniture and managed excellently to have fascinating interior design. These images of apartment represent some ideas to create amazing apartment and to compare to some other classic apartments. Therefore, these duplex apartment design ideas are reasonable as your reference.

Rectangular Glass Table With White Rigid Soft Sofa And Glass Window Picture On The Wall

Rigid Soft Sofa With Large Glass Window And Duplex Apartment Design Ideas

White Bed White Pillow With White Curtain Wooden Floor And White Curtain Glass Window

White Bed White Pillow With Wooden Floor White Curtain And Outdoor Plants

White Bed With White Pillow And White Fur Carpet Wooden Floor

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